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Please reblog if you know anyone who might take party drugs.

Yo some more helpful tips from another EMT!

1) Its illegal for an EMT to report certain personal information to other non-medical professionals. This includes telling friends your address, whether or not you are HIV positive, and telling the cops about drug use. Thats right, EMTs and paramedics can’t tell the police if you took molly or even if you did illegal activity that’s dangerous to others, like drunk driving. We honestly don’t care if you shot up heroin - we just want to make sure you’re ok. 

2) Do some research on the drugs you’re interested in. There are a lot of websites that have extensive information on drugs, like Erowid, which not only tells you the effects (positive and negative) of the drug, but also the duration and the dose from threshold to heavy. 

3) Be careful with some drugs, like MDMA (ecstasy/molly), which is commonly found in a pressed pill form and can be mixed with a lot of other materials. If you’re thinking about taking molly at a party or rave, I suggest getting it from your (hopefully trusted) dealer beforehand. That way you’re getting it from a trusted source and can also check to see if that particular pill is on Ecstasy Data.

And LSD, while not a usual party drug, can sometimes actually be another similar hallucinogen, like the NBOMe series, which are active to the microgram like acid but is 4x more powerful on blotter paper, and taking this much will cause a bad trip. Acid has a slight metallic taste, or no taste at all, while NBOMe is very bitter. 

4) Many drugs (like stimulants, MDMA, and LSD on occasion) can cause hyperthermia, which is super dangerous if you’re in a place like a rave, surrounded by other hot bodies and dancing for hours without taking a drink. Remember to break for water if this is your situation to avoid this, and if you start to feel feverish and under the weather, cool down immediately. 

Be safe and enjoy!

Also look up all drug interactions before taking anything. Combining certain anti-depressants with certain drugs like ecstasy can cause serotonin syndrome, which can be fatal. 


  1. If you’re taking molly please drink 250-500 mL of water each hour but do not panic and drink too much otherwise you’ll get poisoning
  2. As the first post said, hypothermia could happen. Please don’t wait until you feel feverish. Take occasional breaks and go outside to cool down a bit. If you’re with a group who doesn’t know you’re rolling and/or isn’t taking you seriously, make something up to get one person to go outside for you. It’s important.
  3. Wear light clothes! If it’s cold outside wear one thing to the party/rave then change once you get there. Trust me, you won’t notice that you’re hot.
  4. Take supplements, they’ll help with coming down.
  5. Read this website

  6. Don’t take LSD at parties. Seriously. Don’t. A party or a rave is not a good place for your reality to implode.
    (unless you’re experienced and know what you’re doing then sure I gues s)

  7. No matter what you’re taking, get informed beforehand.

  8. Stressing again, if you do get sick, tell the paramedics what you took.

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contemplating disowning her brother

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I’m sticking my tongue out instead of sleeping

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Visited UVM today and loved it

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me and my friend arriving at an all you can eat buffet 

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Someone asked me back in November (if I remember correctly) to draw Mega Absol, so here it is! My first and probably last time drawing this pokemon (I’m not a big fan of Absol’s mega form I prefer the original hehe :P )

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Since I recently acquired all 10 dream villagers for Wnderlnd I thought it’d be cool to gijinka them to get back into drawing mode//

here’s diana and beau for now